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A few things:
- moving in with Geoff
- getting a real job
- reconnecting old links

Done, done, done.

I’ve caught myself spiraling in a haze of love and compassion, new opportunity, self exploration, and great appreciation.

Ain’t no stress large enough to blow this high.

Damn, I need to get it together.
Doing > trying

Found myself needing some inspiration for education.
How dearly I need to attend classes for the sake of my sanity - I refuse to be in college any longer than necessary.

So I need to promise myself - Do work.

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Loving you, you handsome devil

it feels so good to have a plan

getting this job will be the birth of a phenomenal snowball that i will roll all by myself

now i just need to learn to roll blunts

my success is mine motherfuckers

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Love, yours truly
Why I Want to Be a Teacher

Because I was at a loss when the self I was looking for was nowhere to be found.

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Geoff found a planter! Thanks for feeding my newly found gardening obsession baby!
My, what a busy mind you have!

Over the past couple of days, I’ve come to realize

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here’s to thinking more deeply, spending more quality time with my friends, learning to love myself, making room for trust, loving my boyfriend more than I have everyday, working harder, trying harder, and crying when I need to

no motivation for education whatsoever

January 24th, 2013

Damn. It’s been many moons since a word has left my fingers to stain the interwebs.

Simply put — I’m consumed in a lovely world of school, work, and great love, food, and sex. Needless to say, I’m living well, but as of late I’ve been interrupted with a handful of thoughts too many.

Who knew a gal could be so enraptured in a bottomless mind, sprinkled with appreciation and gratitude, but so delicately being prompted to think of days much too far away.

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The older the soul, Colleen, the softer the glance, the quicker the smile and the sooner to say “I love you.”

Utterly fearless,

- The Universe

Just a few thoughts..
  • Potentially getting the chance to get away..
    Planning summer NY trip w/ Nicole!
  • Wish I could start over with a clean slate with this. RENEW. REVAMP. :)
  • Things are moving slower than I’m used to. Don’t know whether I’m happy or frustrated with this.
  • Days are packed lately, but it looks nice in my new planner.
  • I wish I could sleep in, but my natural body alarm doesnt let me.
  • I hope this upcoming raise is a good one.
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