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2012 To Do List

1. Take a trip to Berkeley to visit Cecilia.
2. Go on a mini road trip.
| Irvine w/ Jane & Tree 2.18.12
3. Go on a real road trip.
4. Shop in Irvine Spectrum. | W/ Jane & Tree 2.18.12
5. Fly somewhere.
6. Go to Mexico. |
Tijuana with Katrina, Ian & Andres 3.3.12
7. Go to Disneyland.
8. Six Flags.
9. Road trip to LA.
10. Ocean Front Walk - Venice Beach Boardwalk!
11. Road trip to anywhere in the bay.
12. Play the “Left/Right” game. With Marco Laguna! 5.31.12
13. Make another good friend.
14. Friendboy?
15. Make at least another good female friend. -__-
16. Backpack.
| From Geoff! :D
17. Coachella Tickets.
18. Video Camera. | 3.11.12 Black 2g UltraHD Flip Cam
19. Video Camera Wide Angle Lens.
20. Purse.
21. Shoe Rack.
22. Another Jewelry Organizer.
23. Art Supply Organizer.
24. Ace at least one of my classes each quarter for the 2011/2012 school year. (3/3)
25. Change majors. Feb 23, 2012.
26. Finish at least 3 paintings. | (1/3) — Rejuvenated (2.26.12)
27. Use every page in my first black book.
28. Create a gift for someone. | Coupons for Geoff & Jane’s card!
29. Lay under the stars. Star gaze. With Marco Laguna! 5.31.12/6.1.12
30. Hard Fest Ticket.
31. Finish a design for at least one person’s tattoo.
32. Design a tattoo for someone.   They actually got it! :D Joann Hollen, Ed Lopez.
33. Get a tattoo. | Feb. 25th, 2012 with Jane & Tree @ Guru Tattoo in PB by Chris Rogers.
34. Go to at least three concerts/shows. | (3/3) Sleigh Bells w/ Allison, Dom & Andres! // WAVVES at UCSD w/ Andres // Atmosphere w/ Andres
35. Go to an open mic/spoken word night. | 5.3.12 @ Eveoke w/ Andres!
36. See an interesting museum exhibit.  | Ten Thousand Waves - Isaac Julien @MCASD w/ Andres Murillo 4.8.12
37. Collab a huge canvas with Lamont Weir (Idea est. Feb 27, 2012)
38. Do moss graffiti.
39. Throw a piece in Graffiti Hall.
40. Finish a watercolor piece.
41. Go rock climbing. | 5.3.12 @ Solid Rock Gym w/ Andres
42. Go parasailing.
43. Hike Cowles. | 1. w/ Geoff (Feb. 9 2012) 2. w/ Jane, Tree, Jo, Cesar, Andres, Jose, & Ian (Mar. 24, 2012)
44. Make a fort.
45. Roller blading in 80’s steez. (Neons, Tank Tops, High Waisted Shorts)
46. Go kayaking. | w/ Andres Murillo 4.1.12
47. Bike riding.
48. Try at least 30 new places to eat. (17/30) |  Sunshine Deli w/ Geoff Musni, Chicken Pie Shop w/ Geoff, Sushi Diner w/ Geoff, Guppy Tea House with Katrina Apacible & Jane Domingo, Bangin’ Burgers with Geoff, Which Wich with Katrina & Jane, Hash House A Go Go with Andres Murillo, some random taco place in Tijuana with Katrina, Ian Rosario, & Andres, Senor Pancho’s with Kim Cowan, Broken Yolk w/ Cecilia Yeung, Landini’s Pizzeria w/ Andres, Barona Buffet w/ Katrina, Jane, Jose, Ian, Andres, Bronx Pizza with Andres, Night & Day Cafe with Marco Laguna, Sombero in South Park with Blaire Babyak, TJ’s Oyster Bar w/ Nicole Kubiak, Cafe Madeleine w/ myself.
49. Get an iPhone case.
50. Jump in the freezing ocean in my underwear randomly in the late night, like in the movies. | w/ Andres, & witnesses: Jane, Jose, and Ricky F.
51. Finish a roll on a disposable camera with someone.  | Sleigh Bells w/ Allison, Dom & Andres! 4.4.12.
52. Finish a roll on a disposable camera in general.  | Sleigh Bells w/ Allison, Dom & Andres! 4.4.12.  | South Bay Drive-In with Marco Laguna
53. Set free one of those floating lantern thingys.
54. Inspire someone.
55. Photoshoot! With Kento Kono for Graffiti Beach 6.12.12
56. Illicit besides smeed.
(Spice doesn’t count.)
| Chocolate covered gooms with Alexx Igaki. 4.14.12
57. Crash a wedding.
58. Yoga at least five times this year. (2/5) W/ Nicole Kubiak on 6.14.12 & w/ Marco Laguna 6.15.12
59. Go to a strip club (and feel up a stripper). | w/ Andres, Katrina, & Ian
60. Have a movie night with a ton of good friends.
61. Just drive. Anywhere. And not just normal everyday driving, but really just taking the day to take off and drive without any real destination.
62. Meditate outdoors, preferably with a sunrise or sunset. Windansea?
63. Meditate in general at least 5 times this year.
64. Write someone a letter.
65. Receive a hand written letter.
66. Wake up still twisted.
67. Go camping.
68. Beach bonfire!
69. Beach/Shopping date with Cecilia Yeung!
70. Drive-in Movie! With Marco Laguna! 5.31.12
71. Get an insane henna.
72. Dress models for a fashion show. South Park Summer Fashion Show w/ Graffiti Beach 6/1/12
73. Jam session on video.
74. Have at least one “life-documented” video. | Hiking Cowles w/ ze crew 3.24.12
75. Underwater kiss.
76. Say yes to everything for a day.
77. Do a chalk drawing mural somewhere.
78. Get a new bikini.
79. Chinese Fire Drill
80. Burn homework in a bonfire.
81. Devil’s Punch Bowl.
82. Skinny dipping.
83. Shooting range.
84. Hike to the Hollywood sign.
85. Perform a spoken word. :O
86. PB Highs.
87. Hike Iron Mountain. 6.14.12 w/ Nicole Kubiak
88. Get on of my art pieces publicly displayed.
89. Record. A song. A poem. Anything.
90. Have a picnic!
91. Get scuba certified.
92. Move out.
93. Del Mar Fair!  
6/20 with Jane, Geoff, + running into EVERYONE including Jose, Ricky F., Ricky L., Allison, Dom, Jonathan, Luke, Brittnee, etcetcetc
94. Grunion Running

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